Monday, May 15, 2006

Clumsy, clumsy hippo

Over the past 2 weeks I have been incredibly clumsy. Not that I am normally a tremendously graceful, glide when I walk sort of person but I am able to get through an average day without dropping, spilling, or knocking over anything. Last Monday I knocked over the ever-present glass of water on my desk. Cleaned it up, made jokes about my desk blotter's appearance, and went on with life. Then on Thursday I did it again, except this time with a full glass. My loud exclamation of "not again" brought my co-worker to my rescue with paper towels. Then on Friday, I did it at home with a full glass of milk. I sent it flying right off the counter. I'm blaming the fact that my hands have turned into hooves or paws on stress. Work has been incredibly busy over the past few weeks and I'm moving 100 mph when my usual speed approaches that of a sleeping sloth. I had intended to replace the water in the hot tub this weekend so we could soak in the evenings but between the rain, not feeling 100%, and some work we had done on the house (and the need to feed 2 twenty-something men - WOW, not used to that!) I just didn't have time. Things should improve stress-wise on Thursday. I don't think my desk blotter can take much more water.

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Cate said...

LOL - glad to see I'm not the only one! When my Mom, sister and I get together for family holidays, the men always take bets to see who is going to be wearing their dinner first.