Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cheese Success

Last weekend I peeled the wax off the cheddar cheese I made about a month ago so we could try it. It's pretty good. I'm never satisfied with the things I make so I always give chunks of the cheese to friends and co-workers. So far, the response has been really positive. It's pretty cool. The good thing is that it makes me want to make more cheese. The bad thing is that I feel like I have to find the time to make more cheese. We are seeing some friends tonight so I'm going to take them a chunk of cheese too (one of them has made cheese in the past) and get their opinion.

Friday, April 18, 2008

New Tracey Ullman Show on Showtime

I am completely speechless! The new Tracey Ullman show on Showtime (State of the Union) is hysterical. It's a collection of characters (having watched 2 episodes the characters are repeating) and holy shit, she skewers EVERYONE. There is a dancing, singing Indian pharmacist, Ariana Huffington, Lindsay Lohan's mother, a Buffalo newscaster, etc.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More on the fig tree

My fig tree is planted in the ground in Bucks County, PA. In the Fall, I erect a burlap cocoon around it and then stuff it with straw. This year, I used pipe insulation (the long hollow split foam tubes you can slip onto your pipes to keep them from freezing or keep the hot water hot) to insulate some branches that wouldn't fit inside the burlap wrap. I just unwrapped it about a week ago and so far, I don't know if the trunk/branches survived (I'm sure the roots did). My fig tree is supposed to be cold hardy down to 10 degrees but I still wrap it at the end of Fall and don't unwrap it until the Spring. I'll report back in a month or so when we should see some growth one way or another.

I am a literary prostitute

This evening I scared the bejesus out of The Wife when I started screaming about something I read in the paper where someone was quoted as saying that what I do for a living was "a terrible form of prostitution." Along with other related things that have happened today, reading this statement really pissed me off. We were watching an episode of "Bones" on the DVR and it happened to be about a call girl who was murdered. The Wife said something along the lines of it not being uncommon for a prostitute to be murdered and then said "well, maybe if you are a literary prostitute."

Friday, April 11, 2008

The L Word Obsession Continues...


We’ll we’ve nearly made it through the first 4 seasons of the L word on DVD by watching 2-3 episodes a night.  The house is in complete chaos because I get home, we have dinner (sometimes while watching an episode), and then we watch as many episodes as we can fit in before bed time.  I haven’t even watched a Phillies game yet and the season is 2 weeks old!  We should finish season 4 tonight and then be able to start on season 5 (which I have seen all of, but which didn’t make complete sense because I had no idea of the back story) on “On Demand.”  I must say, with the exception of some fabulous sex between Tasha and Alice, season 4 has been a rather long dry spell.  Season 5 is MUCH better in that respect.  I’m glad it’s the weekend.



Thursday, April 10, 2008

The week so far


This has been quite an interesting week so far.


1.)     On Monday, The Wife was flicking a spider into the toilet and simultaneously flushing when she dropped the Dixie cup upon which the spider had been crawling.  Of course, the cup was immediately sucked into the toilet creating a quite water-tight seal.  Fortunately Dixie cups are not meant to be submerged for hours and I was able to clear the clog that night with the plunger. I think I probably blew the bottom right out of the cup which made me feel like quite the butch.

2.)     On Tuesday, the L word obsession continued and we were going to watch episodes on disc 2, Season 4.  We discovered that disc 1, Season 4 was packaged in the sleeve for disc 2 giving us two copies of disc 1 and zero copies of disc 2.  This crisis necessitated a call and then a trip to Blockbuster in order for our L word fix.  We are both completely enamored of Tina as executive.  Wow, she’s hot.

3.)     Mad props to  They are shipping us a new set of the L word because, in their words, we received a defective product.  They gave us a return authorization label so we just have to package up the old set and return it to them on their nickel.

4.)     Also on Tuesday, I was bitching and moaning at work about something and turned to one of my colleagues (in fact, I am the guy’s boss).  I said, “blah, blah, blah, God hates me.”  He said, “of course God hates you, you’re a lesbian.”  I about fell over from laughing at him and my other co-worker who immediately started screaming for HR (the representative of which was blessedly out of the office that day and who sits in the office next to where this statement was uttered.)  I assure you, I was not offended by this statement in the least and, in fact, found it very funny (and quite ballsy to say to one’s boss regardless of how good a relationship you have.)

5.)     There have been other amusing things that happened this week but I cannot remember them now.  I’m sure I’ll remember as soon as I post this.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008