Saturday, July 26, 2008

What a week

Those of you who know me IRL, know what a week I've had. The Wife had a mild stroke on Tuesday. She has been rapidly improving since then and should be able to come home today or tomorrow. She'll get speech and physical therapy as an outpatient and should make a complete recovery with time. It's been a brutal week especially coming on the heels of the events of last week (work-related). I had such high hopes for this weekend in terms of yardwork etc (low humidity, cooler temps, rain this week) but I'm just too pooped. I'm going to try to get some things done inside that have been neglected this week (folding laundry, sorting through a giant lump of mail) and also face the mountain of work that remains to be done. I need more hours in the day right now (longer weekends would be nice too.)

Friday, July 18, 2008


As I mentioned, I brewed a cherry wheat beer last weekend. Unfortunately, I had a beer'splosion on Sunday night. I used too much yeast. When I went to bed on Sunday it was bubbling like mad and dripping a little foam down the side of the brew keg so I put a few paper towels under the keg and thought it would be fine. The Wife couldn't sleep and came downstairs for a snack. She heard a strange noise, did some investigating, and discovered that the beer was spewing all over the dining room wall. She moved the keg into the sink, put a cookie sheet up against it to contain the spew, and wrote me a nice little note. Fortunately she knew not to open the keg so the beer should be fine. I can bottle it on August 3.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

More Random Bits

Today is the last day of my vacation. I am not looking particularly forward to going back to work. I know no one really does but some crap went on last week when I was out that is likely going to make work life tougher on me in the near and perhaps longer term.

The Wife and I made the most of the last 3 days of the vacation. We went to see "Smart People" on Friday at the local art theater (we are members and hadn't used our free passes this year so free movie for us and 2 drinks and a giant tub-o-corn for $5.50.) Yesterday we spent the day with friends, played Wii (first time for me) with their 8- and 11-year-old boys, and ate like kings (homemade empanadas, skirt steak, grilled chicken, and my home-brewed beer). Today we puttered around the yard and I brewed a Cherry Wheat beer. I can bottle it in 3 weeks.

The dog pool was christened today - the dog had a blast. We got her to go into it by throwing one of her toys in and then she discovered that she liked it. She would race around the yard and then hop into the pool on her way past at full speed. It was pretty funny. Now she is pooped and draped over the ottoman.

and the Phillies won and will go into the All-Star break leading the NL East. GO PHILLIES!
Well I can't ignore work email any longer - time to face the music.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Random bits

Life has been busy over the past few weeks. The Wife and I have just returned from 5 days with the family - parents' 50th anniversary celebration. Giant sigh of relief that it is over.

Today we set up the pool for the dog. Yes, we bought a pool for the dog. We don't want her to go into our pond because it makes her smell horrible (much worse than basic wet dog) so we got her a little wading pool. She doesn't quite know what to make of it - she almost sat down in it but then decided to hop out instead. We hope that tomorrow when the water is a little warmer she'll like it better.

We have coined a new term - F.U.P. It means "fuck you paw." Emily Dickinson Kitty has a little foot shake she does sometimes and it totally looks like the cat version of the finger. We dubbed it the "fuck you paw" but The Wife wants to refer to it as a "F.U.P." so we can use it in public. Now she wants to further clarify it and use the C-F.U.P. or D-F.U.P. to identify which pet is flipping us off.