Sunday, May 27, 2007


Still no news on the biopsy. I used to consider this good news but the last time (when I got the diagnosis of recurrent endometrial CA) I had convinced myself that no news was good news and I got slapped upside the head. My parents are visiting for the long weekend. We are having a generally good visit. I can't help myself from getting into politics with my mother and it's just pointless. The woman also cannot bring herself to call my wedding a wedding. She has to think about it and then she usually spits out "party", "event", or in a generally good improvement on Friday she managed "commitment ceremony." She also now admits that being heterosexual and able to have children doesn't make you a good parent and that many gay people are good parents. However, she couldn't manage to agree with me that The Wife and I would have made good parents, which leads me to believe that she doesn't think we would have. It's hard to hear (even upspoken) that your own mother doesn't think you would be a good parent. Anyway its a moot point as The Wife and I will never have kids and the dog seems perfectly happy.

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