Friday, July 27, 2007

Enstein Bros. Bagels: Thai Chicken with Peanut Spread Sandwich

Because there is nothing else going on in my life that I can blog about I decided to review my lunch. Once you pick yourself up off the floor from the excitement of it all, here's what I think about the Einstein Bros. Bagels Thai Chicken with Peanut Spread Sandwich. In a word: Eh. Absolutely no peanut taste, too much soy and chili. The chicken was cold but did appear to be an actual chicken breast - warm would be better, the asian slaw and cukes is a nice change from the basic lettuce and tomato, but the sauce? Completely uninspired. Of course, what can I expect from a chain bagel place you say? Well, their sandwiches are usually tastier than this one. The challah roll was also not particularly fresh, also a surprise as this place normally has very fresh bagels and rolls. I do like that I can get fruit salad in place of chips, potato salad, or pasta salad but it irks me that they charge me an extra $.50 for half a cup of fruit. It used to be included. So a fairly disappointing lunch.

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