Thursday, September 27, 2007


This evening I went into the basement to check a breaker and got a little side tracked. When I got to the bottom of the stairs I looked over at the sump pit and I saw something lying next to it that looked like the power cord to the pump. But that was still plugged in 4 ft above the pit. As I walked closer I realized that it was a snake (oooooooo, aaaaaa, snake in the house) but I wasn't sure it was alive. Must find stick, must poke snake with stick (crap that's a stupid idea). Realized that perhaps I might not want to poke snake, even if it was an itty bitty snake. So I put the stick near the snake and tapped the floor. Snake stuck his tongue out at me. Ok snake is alive. Now what?
The Wife calls down "Did you reset the breaker?"
Me: "No, something else caught my eye."
TW: "What?"
Me: "A snake."

Because I must ponder what to do I go reset the breaker and then go back to deal with the snake, which is, of course, gone. Tiptoe over to sump pit, see snake slither into recesses of the pit, making large butch lesbian practically fall over backwards. This snake is about as big around as the power cord on my laptop. It could maybe give me a good pinch and yet I'm completely freaked it is in my house. Oy.

Tune in next week for further adventures with the snake (I hope not....)

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The Wife said...

Well... of course I shreiked! What else could possibly be the appropriate response? Just for the record, you did not say it was an "itty bitty snake." You just said "snake." My brain ran through the film sequence of you capturing the snake (bravely with your bare hands) and bringing it upstairs, where it promptly wriggled out of your hands before it could be taken outside. Thus the shreik was for the loose snake I imagined in the family room, kitchen, LR or DR.