Saturday, December 01, 2007

Fig Trees in Southeastern PA

Today I gave the fig tree its Winter coat. I have been trying to grow figs in Southeastern PA for several years. We planted the first tree in a bad location and it never took off. I planted another tree last year and it grew some the first year but then it broke at the base during a hurricane last September. I wrapped it last year but when I unwrapped it it was clear it hadn't survived. It regrew from the roots and set a crop of figs late in the summer. I pruned it last weekend and today it got its winter coat. My FIL gave me a burlap and stake wind break so I used it to wrap the fig, then stuffed the whole thing with straw. I had an epiphany while I was wrapping the tree - pipe insulation. I just have to get some longer zip ties and the fig will be warm all winter. This fig tree is supposed to be cold hardy down to 5 degrees fahrenheit but it got that cold at least once last winter so I don't want to take the rist


Blackfeet75 said...

I am so glad I found your blog. I am in Southcentral PA and want to try growing a fig tree in a container. Where did you find/buy your tree stock? (If I may ask.) Thanks!

suzzQ said...

in southeastern PA and this is the first year the figs on the fig tree did not ripen [have had the tree about 5 years ~ in addition went to longwood gardens in the Phila area and noticed 2 trees full of fruit that is not ripe Oct 12ish 2009 ~ any feedback on figs not ripening in southeast PA would be appreciated ~ thank you

sandi said...

I live in Parkton Maryland (just below the PA border). I bought four fig trees last year and over the winter they must have dies back because int he spring they grew from the roots. Do I have to wrap them every year - that seems like alot of trouble, especially when they get big - is there any other solution, or maybe this is normal that they grow from the roots every year. Thanks for any input you can give. - Sandi