Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thoughts on turning 40

I turned 40 about 10 days ago. A friend told me, "the weeks leading to your 40th birthday are the longest years of your life." I didn't think 40 was going to bother me and it didn't until about a week before my birthday when I suddenly got really stressed about it. We celebrated with friends the night before and that morning and had a great time and the day passed. Once the day was over suddenly it didn't matter anymore that I had turned 40. It didn't change how I felt, it didn't change how I looked, it didn't change how anyone treated me. It was a complete and total non-event. I'm still not sure why it bothered me so much. On to the next 40.

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Mark said...

Hi Bean:

Love your attitude turning 40. Please stop by and check out how others are going through this important milestone. I'd love to either reprint or have you share your story at the site.