Thursday, March 30, 2006

Adventures of Autumn the Wonder Poodle

The Wife had a major scare this AM. The phone rang and a woman said "Do you have a dog named Autumn?" and the wife said "Yeeeees?" and the reply was "I have her." OH SHIT! The Wife, as is their routine, let the dog out to run (in our large FENCED IN yard) when she got up this morning (I always take Autumn out for a morning wee before I leave for work and then she gets a run when The Wife gets up.) Apparently a landscaper stopped by yesterday to take a look around in order to give us a quote for a clean up and regular lawn mowing and the dumbass didn't properly close the gate. Thanks, Butt Munch. If we hadn't already selected someone else because you've been too slow to give us a quote, this would pretty much seal your fate. The woman brought Autumn home (and when The Wife went out to get the dog from the woman's car, Autumn was sitting very nicely in the back seat.) In the confusion The Wife forgot to get the woman's full name or address or anything. She said she had a dog and she would want someone to do the same thing. The only good thing is that Autumn loves to ride in the car so I'm sure she jumped right in when the woman opened her car door.

The Wife has gone off to the hardware store to get a "Beware of Dog" sign and some hardware to make the gate hard to open from the outside. We have to replace the fence anyway (there go the nice hardwood floors we had been planning to install) so this is certainly the impetus to get it done sooner rather than later.

Even though I wasn't there the retelling of the story certainly gave me a good jolt of adrenaline this morning. On a final note, Thanks to Anna, the woman from Bucks County who brought my dog home safely.

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