Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I'm a blog slacker, I'm a blog slacker

First you must sing the title of this entry to the Wheel of Fortune ditty from who knows how many years ago. As I mentioned in a previous entry I am trying to eat better, exercise (I can't say more as I was pretty much a couch spud before), and lose weight. How is it going, you ask? Eh, I say. I'm losing weight, I'm not always hungry, and the wife suggested that I exercise before we have dinner so that I can relax afterwards (and it's dark after dinner right now in our neighborhood without street lights and sidewalks) so what is my problem? Gas, horribly painful gas is my problem. I feel like crap (no pun intended) right now. Normally I fart with abandon (I even won the Super Bowl farting contest one year at Sarah's ) but right now the gas doesn't make it to my ass. It's an incredibly uncomfortable feeling. I guess it is because I have increased my fiber intake over the past month but it isn't like I went from nothing to 30 grams. I hope it gets better soon.

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