Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Eh. Not much to say

I haven't had much to say lately. I thought that I would spend my long weekend (and oh it was blissful to have 4 days away from the office) blogging at least some. But it came and went and I don't think I even signed on to the computer. Work is slowly returning to normal and I don't have thoughts of my co-worker who died first thing in the morning and last thing at night any more but I'm sort of just going through the motions right now. Maybe it is the time of year with the shorter days or the "Season of Obligations" that is making me want to be anywhere but at the office but I'm not sure.

On some level I am really schizophrenic about this time of year. I'm not big on re-decorating the house for a month [part of that is because Jesus is not and never has been my Lord and Savior despite my Christian childhood] but I like to look at everyone else's decorations, I like having a Christmas tree in the house but I hate putting it up and decorating it, I don't like to be bothered to send cards but I do it anyway, I struggle mightily to select an appropriate gift that the recipient wants/can use and I get peeved when people give me gifts that they gave no thought to (and that's a really bitchy selfish horrible feeling because I should be pleased [and I'm sincere here] that they cared enough to get something for me at all.)

I saved this post for a while and now the weather has changed (it's seasonably cold now), we've done much of our Christmas shopping, we aren't going crazy with the decorating this year, and I just am feeling better about things in general. It's a Sunday morning, I've had my coffee (and bizarrely, I might have chipped a molar on my granola), and now I'm sitting here looking at the sunny day with my favorite poochie sitting on the arm of the recliner. We have only one obligation today and otherwise I get to putter around. Puttering makes me content. I guess in the long run content is a good thing to be.

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