Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Finally, it snowed. But it is a really odd snow. More like little balls of ice. Slippery as pig shit. My office is closed but I still have to work (read I don't have the excuse of having children home from school to look after and I can't even say I was looking after the dog as she has put herself to bed in her crate.) The forecast says this precipitation should clear out around noon and then I'll have to go dig us out. I'm not sure the snow blower is going to work with this stuff but I'll give it the old college try (any excuse to play with the snow blower.) It is pretty (and quiet - no traffic, no kids playing outside - too cold). The best thing is that even though they are calling it an ice storm it is too cold to rain so trees, power lines, etc aren't getting covered in ice and crashing down. I'm taking advantage of the fact that we do have power and I've fired up the bread machine. Just a boxed mix but soon the house will smell wonderful and there will be fresh bread for a late lunch with The Wife on Valentine's Day.

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