Thursday, April 10, 2008

The week so far


This has been quite an interesting week so far.


1.)     On Monday, The Wife was flicking a spider into the toilet and simultaneously flushing when she dropped the Dixie cup upon which the spider had been crawling.  Of course, the cup was immediately sucked into the toilet creating a quite water-tight seal.  Fortunately Dixie cups are not meant to be submerged for hours and I was able to clear the clog that night with the plunger. I think I probably blew the bottom right out of the cup which made me feel like quite the butch.

2.)     On Tuesday, the L word obsession continued and we were going to watch episodes on disc 2, Season 4.  We discovered that disc 1, Season 4 was packaged in the sleeve for disc 2 giving us two copies of disc 1 and zero copies of disc 2.  This crisis necessitated a call and then a trip to Blockbuster in order for our L word fix.  We are both completely enamored of Tina as executive.  Wow, she’s hot.

3.)     Mad props to  They are shipping us a new set of the L word because, in their words, we received a defective product.  They gave us a return authorization label so we just have to package up the old set and return it to them on their nickel.

4.)     Also on Tuesday, I was bitching and moaning at work about something and turned to one of my colleagues (in fact, I am the guy’s boss).  I said, “blah, blah, blah, God hates me.”  He said, “of course God hates you, you’re a lesbian.”  I about fell over from laughing at him and my other co-worker who immediately started screaming for HR (the representative of which was blessedly out of the office that day and who sits in the office next to where this statement was uttered.)  I assure you, I was not offended by this statement in the least and, in fact, found it very funny (and quite ballsy to say to one’s boss regardless of how good a relationship you have.)

5.)     There have been other amusing things that happened this week but I cannot remember them now.  I’m sure I’ll remember as soon as I post this.

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