Friday, February 03, 2006

Right now the Pennsylvania House is considering House Bill 2381 or The Marriage Protection Amendment. Pennsylvania already has a law that defines marriage as between one man and one woman and, in fact, invalidates a same-sex marriage entered into in another state. From my perspective this new bill is nothing more than ignorance and hatred. It would deny me hospital visitation rights, impact inheritance, and interfere with my right to make healthcare decisions with my family. We already had to pay our lawyer for wills, living wills, and powers of attorney (healthcare and otherwise). In fact we had to do this twice because we moved from one state to another and wanted to take the opportunity to make some other changes. How does my relationship with my partner impact anyone else's family? Why does anyone else need to be involved in end of life discussions between my wife and I? And despite being under 40 we've had those discussions about 3 times now because the wife has a congenital cardiac anomaly. It's hard enough to talk about let alone involve others. Fortunately for us our birth families are supportive and won't interfere should we have to make these decisions (and anyway they are in agreement with us.) As an aside, if I am ever at the point where 2 physicians give me little or no chance of regaining a meaningful quality of life, please PULL THE PLUG! I've just realized that I am blathering and I am not coming to a point. So my point is this, leave us alone. We are law-abiding, tax-paying, property owning people. We are not a threat to anyone's marriage. You worry about your relationship and I'll worry about mine. 'K?

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