Sunday, February 05, 2006


Can they please just play the game already? Is it just me or did they play the Super Bowl earlier in the day back in the 70s? I have distinct memories of watching what I thought was the Super Bowl during the afternoon at the neighbor's house with my Dad. Somehow I think my parents should have known then - all the neighborhood men and me. I must have been all of 8. Having grown up near Pittsburgh in the 70s and 80s when the Steelers were good I couldn't help being a Steelers fan. I had a Steelers jacket, stocking cap, T-shirts (including a "one for the thumb in '81" purchased specially for me by my Dad. This is significant because my mother bought [and still buys] all gifts in our family), and who knows what else. The Wife (despite being a lifelong fan of another team) has embraced my love of the Steelers and it was a Steeler Christmas - light-up pen, ornament, helmet lights, black terrible towel, and T-shirt. Earlier in the season she game me a yellow terrible towel and a new winter hat (so my ears don't get cold when I run the snow blower.) I also have the Steeler Snowman. [As an aside, Dancing with the Stars is the stupidest show on television and I am very sorry that Pizza Hut is sponsoring the ABC SuperBowl pre-game show because I am already tired of the Jessica Simpson "These bites are made for poppin' ad.] PLAY THE GAME ALREADY.

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