Saturday, July 29, 2006

Good news and Bad news

Warning: This could be considered a TMPI post. Feel free to skip it and come back later.

My surgeon called last night with the results from my D&C. The good news is I didn't go through hell for nothing. The bad news is I didn't go through hell for nothing. The endometrial cancer appears to be back (apparently there is very little difference in the appearance of "hyperplasia with atypia" and stage I cancer). The surgeon said it is only in one place on the right side, everything else is clear. We talked about the options and they are going to try local application of progesterone (via IUD). He said I could go and get a second opinion and gave me the name of a couple of doctors at other University hospitals in the area because they are recommending something outside of usual standard of care (usual standard of care for endometrial cancer is radical hysterectomy which includes ovaries and cervix). They treated me with high dose oral progesterone in the past and it was tough. It made me gain weight from fluid retention and I was always starving. I also had horrible hot flashes. I've been on a maintenance dose of progesterone for 2 years but it wasn't enough and now the cancer is back again. I have no interest in a second opinion. I've done enough of my own research to know that there are limited options outside of hysterectomy. I don't want a hysterectomy because they will remove my ovaries and substantially increase my risk of osteoporosis which is prevalent in my family and they will remove my cervix which will leave me prone to bladder problems as I get older. It would be different if I were 60 or even 50 but I'm not even 40 yet.

Wow, this sucks.

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