Friday, January 05, 2007

Don't do that

Both The Wife and I were sick in the week between Christmas and New Years (hence the lack of blogging while on vacation) and on Tuesday we both ended up in the doctor's office. I have recovered but The Wife, despite antibiotics, is still feeling crappy with a sinus infection and now thinks is has moved into the other side. So not only is it not getting better it seems to be getting worse. The doctor said to call if The Wife didn't feel better when she finished the antibiotics (she finishes them tomorrow but it is the weekend so I thought it better to call today.) The receptionist just told me "Oh, well you take that antibiotic for 5 days but it stays in your system for 10 so there is probably nothing more the doctor can do...but I'll pass on the message." AAAAGGGHHHHHH! First of all, this woman has no training in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, nothing. Next, I indicated that not only was The Wife not getting better, she seemed to be getting worse. The infection should not be spreading while on antibiotics. Then there is the fact that I can argue with her about the whole "stays in your system for 10 days" crap. I can even show her research that shows that this drug may not even get into sinus tissue despite the fact that it is prescribed all the time for sinus infections. I can drag out experts who will present research that this drug does not work. Needless to say I am pissed off and The Wife still feels like crap.

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