Friday, January 12, 2007

Meme from Sarah

A - Astronomical constellation you easily identify or like: Big dipper
B - Biggest flaw you'd like to correct: the fact that I'm a lazy slug
C - Complete works of what person would you like to own: John Irving
D - Dare you wouldn't take: Eating live bugs
E - Elephantitis of the what: boobs, I already have it so nothing new there
F - Fascination with a celebrity that you're embarrassed about: The British Royal Family
G - Grover or Elmo: Grover, I want to drop kick Elmo
H - Happiest you've ever seen another person (ok, it's not all about you): Sarah when she married Hubby
I - Ignorance of what subject: physics
J - Judgment you'd like to render: impeachment of George W. Bush       
K - Khakis or chinos: khakis
L - Left home at what age: 16
M - Most proficient in what skill: cooking
N - Nonsense word you use when trying not to cuss: boogers (I guess it isn't a nonsense word but it isn't really a cuss word.)
O - Obligatory task you loathe: washing dishes
P - Proudest moment: graduating from College
Q - Quickest decision you've ever made: accepting current job
R - Return gifts or regift them next year: return.  I'm not a big fan of re-gifting
S - Secret dream (come on, spill it): to win the lottery and move to Italy
T - Terrible nightmare you still remember: snakes in my bed
U - Unique person you admire: my sister
V - Vocabulary word you always mispronounce: don't know but I bet The Wife knows
W - Wish that came true: Living in Italy for 2 years
X - X marks the spot, so what's the treasure: Enough money to retire early so I can garden, travel, and spend 3 months a year in Italy
Y - Your free answer - say whatever you want: Can someone tell me the words to "Bohemian Rhapsody?"
Z - Zoological creature you'd like to be for an hour: my dog so I could understand the appeal of the cat's butt

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