Thursday, March 01, 2007

I need a new car

I currently drive a '99 RAV4 that has served me very well. But it's 8 years old and I'm ready for something new. If someone else would like to cover the car payment that would be very nice because I hate having a car payment and if I get a new car we'll have 2 car payment in the family. However, this morning the car wouldn't start. I tried everything I could think of (I was fairly sure it wasn't the battery) and finally had to call AAA. The guy checked the battery (with a very cool portable diagnostic computer) and it told him to just start the car. He was able to get the car started eventually and gunned it for about 5 minutes. Then he told me to leave it running for another 10 before I went anywhere. He thought maybe there were deposits in my valves. Now I have to go do some research to see if he was right or talking out his ass.

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Karl Hungus said...

A penguin was having car trouble so he went to a local garage to find out what was wrong. The mechanic said that he would take a look and would know something in about 15 minutes. The penguin saw an ice cream place across the street and told the guy he would be back. The penguin orders a vanilla cone and was having some trouble eating it without making a mess (you know, flippers and all). As he is finishing up, he sees the mechanic out front looking around, so he gets up quickly and heads across the street to find out what was up. When he gets close, the mechanic looks at him and says "it looks like you blew a seal." The penguin looks back at him and says "no, thats just ice cream."