Sunday, April 29, 2007

Closets, closets, closets

This weekend we had a ClosetMaid dealer in to outfit 6 of our closets. The man was a master - it took him 6 hours start to finish and that included demo-ing what was already there (not that it was a lot.) But then we had to put everything back. Ugh. However, we did take the time to purge along with all this organization so we got rid of a lot of clothes that we don't wear (or hate as the case may be) and found parts to things we no longer own. It feels good to have tidy closets but it felt like we were moving in all over again. I hate moving.

I almost forgot the best part. Because I am a "Clean House" addict, the wife bought me the Linda Koopersmith organizing book The Beverly Hills Organizer Home Organizing Bible and a Dymo Label maker. I am in geek heaven.

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