Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Review: SenseoTM Coffee Machine

Because the coffee at my office is horrible and I don't pass a good coffee shop on my drive into work, I entered a promotion to get a free SenseoTM Coffee Machine. I qualified and the machine arrived a few days ago. There is very little set up - you have to fill the resevoir with water and push two buttons simultaneously to flush the machine and fill the boiler with water. This process takes about a minute. Then I was ready to brew my first cup of coffee. I used the Medium Roast pods which came as part of the promotion. The coffee was weaker than I like but had a smooth flavor. No bitter aftertaste either. Probably a good coffee for the "average" American coffee drinker. I will try the Dark Roast once I've finished the medium. I also want to try the flavored coffees (I think they have vanilla, hazelnut, and Irish Cream). My parents are coming this weekend and my mother drinks decaf coffee so I picked up some of the decaf pods for Mom.

I have also promised the VP at work that I will share the Senseo with him. He's quite psyched. I'm sure I'll be sharing with lots of people once word gets around. I don't mind sharing the machine but people get to buy their own coffee pods. A bag of 18 pods is about $5 in my grocery store, although I know I can get the pods cheaper (and in larger quantities) online. Maybe this will be the impetus to get a pod-based coffee maker at the office.

I'm glad to be going back to work next week with my Senseo Coffee Maker. Now if I could just win PowerBall and not have to work at all...

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