Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Tomorrow I have my next radiation treatment. Until last night I wasn't really thinking about it because it seemed so far away. Until Saturday I was still dealing with the effects of the first treatment so I wasn't thinking much beyond that day. Sunday and Monday I felt good. We went to a Phillies double-header on Sunday and yesterday we spent the evening with some friends and I felt normal, like myself. Then it hit me (because my treatment was a big topic of discussion), blah, I have to have another treatment on Wednesday. I'm going to feel like crap again for 3 or 4 days. It did spur me to come up with some questions to ask the docs (eg, May I use the hot tub? Anything you can do about the horrible bladder pain?) and The Wife reminded me to write the questions down so I can bring the list with me to the hospital. It also just occured to me that I might have an email address for my RAD/ONC and I could email him the questions.

Ok, I have a day until treatment and I feel good at this moment. Time to enjoy it.

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