Sunday, September 24, 2006

Mmmmm, Cheese

This weekend I decided to get back to cheese making. I stopped by the local dairy (and, no this is not the only place I can get "farm-fresh" milk) and picked up 2 gallons of milk. On Saturday I made a batch of mozzarella, which tastes like my most successful effort yet. Today I made a batch of whole-milk ricotta (you can also make ricotta from whey left over from hard cheese making). They only thing I would do differently the next time is drain the ricotta for 15 to 30 minutes rather than the hour recommended in the recipe. However, it is still pretty good.

Tomorrow back to the real world. I just tried to clear out my work email box (393 emails and 457 bits of spam) and I managed to get it down to 150. I'll actually read the 150 tomorrow when I can ask questions of the people who handled my account in my absence.

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konagod said...

You might want to share some of that with the commenters at Big Brass Blog -- in the Mac & Cheese thread!